Holiday Reading List

Posted by Nathaniel on Dec 7th, 2010

On Black Friday, I was working on Spreedly along with my co-conspirators in that business, and one of them threw this out in to our Campfire chat room:

“The world is consuming today and we are producing.”

Now, I’m not anti-consumption by any means – I think the giving of gifts during the Christmas holidays is a wonderful thing, and to be encouraged. That said, there is something fun about being an entrepreneur and knowing that while most of the rest of the world is blithely acquiring, you’re spending some of your time quietly creating things of value for others to use and enjoy down the road. It’s like being part of a secret club, one to which everyone’s invited but few decide to join.

And so as the holiday season shifts in to high gear, I wanted to give my fellow entrepreneurs a few reading ideas – between vacations and family time, there may not be a lot of opportunities to actually create, but while everybody else is watching the game, or having the annual politics discussion that accomplishes nothing, you can sneak off in to a corner and curl up with a good book. I guarantee that all of these books will make you think, and leave you with lots of good ideas for your business come 2011.

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