Just last week the crew here at Terralien launched Full Stack iPhone and we’re really excited about what it represents. Full Stack iPhone is a total solution we offer in the deep iPhone application space, where we’ve put together a top-notch team of designers, mobile developers and web developers that can deliver the whole stack. Full Stack iPhone showcases our experience in the area, and clearly shows that we can help someone take an iPhone business from idea to App Store success.

While there are some great stand-alone utilities (bubble level anyone?) and games (who doesn’t love Plants vs. Zombies?) on the iPhone, we believe the future of the mobile platform is in how it connects back to the cloud. Games like Gowalla that connect people through the web, wrappers like Fandango that allow mobile interaction with already online resources, applications like Kindle that create new ways to consume on the go, and augmented reality experiences like Star Walk that help us interact and learn in completely new ways: this is where the true power of the mobile platform shines through.

So if you need an iPhone application built that’s more than just a pretty face, get in touch and we’ll help you put all the pieces together: fast iPhone/mobile development, gorgeous design, solid back-end, and a smart API.

Posted by Nathaniel on May 12th, 2010

You can still contact Nathaniel at nathaniel@terralien.com