If there’s one thing I do a lot at Terralien, it’s work with freelancers. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned while working with them, it’s that some freelancers are way better than other freelancers, and the difference usually isn’t technical. Thus I’ve been chewing on the idea of giving a talk about some of the important differences between those who excel and those who struggle, and I got my first chance to do so at RubyRX this past weekend.

I’d appreciate any feedback you have, either in the comments below or at SpeakerRate, as I’m hoping to take this material (and more) and flesh it out in to a course and/or a book.

A little about how this was recorded: I set up my Flip Video Recorder on a little tripod with the expectation that it would run out of space at 60 minutes and I’d have a recording to review for technique and to improve the next talk, but that I wouldn’t capture the whole thing. Well, I was wrong: I got everything except the last 5-10 minutes of questions! I think because the view was stationary that the video compressed well. All in all I captured just over 83 minutes on my 60 minute Flip.

Posted by Nathaniel on Feb 27th, 2009

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