Radiant CMS Extensions

Posted by Nathaniel on Jun 18th, 2008

Up until recently I had admired the Radiant Content Management System from afar but hadn’t had a chance to really dig in to it. While the Terralien website runs on Radiant, a lot of the power of Radiant doesn’t come to the fore until you want to extend it, and our website’s needs are very vanilla. So when an opportunity came along for us to do the back-end for a content heavy site for Ignite Social Media, I jumped at the chance to put Radiant through its paces. In particular I got to do a bunch of Radiant extension development, both writing an extension from scratch as well as doing heavy hacking on some existing extensions, and I’d like to talk some about that process as well as highlighting the (all open source) extensions that came out of it.

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Ruby Hoedown!

Posted by Nathaniel on Jun 11th, 2008

If there’s one thing that we believe in (and have benefited from in a big way) at Terralien, it’s the power of the Ruby community. Since I attended the first RubyConf in Tampa in 2001, I’ve been constantly amazed by the vibrancy, passion, and all-around niceness of Rubyists when they gather in groups, whether virtually or physically. And so it is with great pleasure I point you to the second annual Ruby Hoedown, the southeast region’s premier Ruby conference, taking place this year in Huntsville, AL. The organizers already have the schedule up and registration open, so head on over there, check out the top-notch offerings, and make your plans to be in Huntsville in August this year. While I’m not helping to organize the conference this year, I’m definitely going to be attending it, so I’ll see you there!

Prices: To Publish, or Not to Publish?

Posted by Nathaniel on Jun 4th, 2008

It’s an age-old question for services companies: should we publish our prices, at least some of them, or should we wait until we’ve had a conversation with a potential client before discussing price? Recently at Terralien we’ve changed our answer to that question and decided to start publishing some of our prices, and I thought I’d write a bit about the thought process that went in to the decision.

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