“Camping in 10” at BarCampRDU

Posted by Nathaniel on Aug 4th, 2007

I’m currently hanging out at BarCampRDU 2007 and having a blast. BarCamps are “unconferences”, which means the talks are proposed and given by the attendees on the day of the conference. Rather than just soak it all in, I decided to throw my hat in to the presenting ring and do a redux of the Camping in 10 talk I put together for Raleigh.rb a little while ago. After getting through a few projector struggles, it went really well, and I was able to expose about 30 people to Camping.

A few folks asked for my slides, so I threw them up on the interwebs, and you can get them here: Camping in 10 slides. Enjoy, and if you attended the talk and end up writing a Camping app of your own, drop me an email or a comment and tell me about it – I’d love to see what folks come up with.

Ya’ll make delicious pork pies!

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