I saw a “Colophon” section on a site the other day, where it was used to describe the technologies used in the site. Curious, I just looked up the term, and it has a fascinating history. It started out as “meta-data,” if you will, on clay tablets, and today is a publishing term for a book section delineating typefaces, ink, paper, and other production details. Colophons apparently show up most often in limited edition and private press printings – I suppose hard-core bibliophiles eat that sort of stuff up.

So here’s our colophon: we’re running terralien.com on Radiant CMS, which is of course by our own John Long. The Ship’s Log, which you’re reading now, is running on SimpleLog, which just so happens to use Matt McCray excellent theme_support plugin. Both apps are served as Lighttpd fastcgis running on TextDrive, and use MySQL databases.

So, how do I like the setup? I’m really loving SimpleLog – it lives up to its name, and seems to be developing very nicely. I’ve noticed that comment support is being added to trunk, so you can look forward to doing some heckling in the future (feel free to email me in the meantime – I’m always open for some heckling). Radiant is also a joy to work with, and of course it helps that I can IM John whenever I run in to something sticky (which is not very often). Lighty is great, and I can’t wait until 1.5 sees the light of day and I can use it in front of a pack of Mongrels.

I hope that satiates the technophiles – I’m one myself, and I’d love it if all sites had a colophon. Of course, the literal meaning of colophon is “finishing stroke,” so putting it in one of the first posts to the blog seems a bit backwards. However, if you consider the fact that a blog is usually viewed in reverse chronological order, this post will be at the end soon enough!

Posted by Nathaniel on Sep 21st, 2006

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